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Tomorrow is the Great American Meatout

Tomorrow is the 25th annual Great American Meatout. Read why it’s a great idea for you, the animals, and the planet.


No meat, all day! You can do it.

“The Eyes Of The World Are On Canada” seal slaughter protest

Join my friends and me this Sunday in New York City for a spirited protest against the annual seal slaughter in Canada. The event is being dubbed “The Eyes of The World Are On Canada” and it happens from 1-4 p.m. Sunday March 15 at the Canadian Consulate General, 1251 Avenue of the Americas (Concourse Level).


Read more about the event and Canada’s annual seal slaughter here.

Now is that nice?

Is it?


Vandalism sucks. So does fur.

I’m torn.

Betty White’s the boss

I just found this on the internet. I have no idea who made it, but it delights me.


Bravo! Incidentally, Betty White turned 87 one week ago.

My lady friend and I have been catching up with the “Ugly Betty” series on DVD and during the second season, Betty makes a guest spot on this episode that is sidesplittingly funny.

Betty also made me laugh while she was a guest on Craig Ferguson‘s show during the election when she said of Sarah Palin, “That is one crazy bitch!” A clip.

And, of course, I love that she’s been a vegetarian and animal rights advocate for years. UPDATE: BETTY IS NOT A VEGETARIAN, APPARENTLY.

What’s your favorite Betty performance or guest spot?

Ellen is now on our team!

No, silly, I mean Ellen DeGeneres has gone full-fledge vegan! Ellen credits reading the book Skinny Bitch for helping her come to her decision. (Funny, my girlfriend says the same thing.) Here’s the scoop.

I knew something was up when I heard she and Portia had all vegan food at their wedding. Bravo! And welcome.

More River (and brother Joaquin) in ads for PETA

I just stumbled upon these PETA commercials made by River Phoenix and, years later, his brother Joaquin. I believe River’s ad was released after his death in 1991, but I’m having trouble confirming that. Joaquin’s was filmed in 2005 for the holiday season, but it was banned from network TV. (Which is odd since it’s no more graphic than a commercial for any restaurant. I guess the networks were afraid to piss off other advertisers)
First, River:

Now, Joaquin:

It’s interesting to note, too, the progression of PETA’s ads, how they got less cuddly and more confrontational over time.

Which approach do you prefer?

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