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Allen Ginsberg’s words of wisdom


My advice to you is as follows:
one, learn meditation practice;
two, empower yourself with your own emotions –
don’t be afraid of grief, or heartthrob;
three, be willing to expose yourself and be a fool,
to not be intimidated in the presence of presidents
and rock stars, but come on as a gentle, living
flesh and blood human being.

Don’t treat people as icons.

If what you are doing is considered by all your friends
as too far out, think thrice –
so you don’t go outside the bounds of sanity –
check it out.

Get a good education in reading the Eastern and Western classics.
Avoid animal fat.
Be a slave to love.
Wear your heart on your sleeve.
Twenty rejections in a row are wiped out by one acceptance.

Happy Birthday, Jack Kerouac!


The eternal beatnik would be 87 today.

All of us youngsters who grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida have stopped by Jack’s house on 10th Street North. Interestingly, Jack’s name was still in the phone book in the 1980s, though he died in 1969.

Any fans of the Beat Generation writers out there? I own an autographed copy of Allen Ginsberg‘s Howl.

Allen Ginsberg gets a bio-pic

It was bound to happen and it should happen: the Hollywood Reporter reveals today that Beat Generation poet Allen Ginsberg is getting his own bio-pic.

The movie will chronicle the 1950s obscenity trial of Ginsberg’s Howl. In a move Ginsberg himself would relish, the poet will be played by Hollywood hunk James Franco.

Franco-philes will recall this isn’t the first cultural icon portrayal for the actor. He earned rave reviews in the title role of 2001’s James Dean. He also plays the lover of slain politician Harvey Milk in Gus Van Sant‘s upcoming Milk. Hmmm, Franco plays a lot of gay guys. Is he trying to tell us something?

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