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I’m glad Heath Ledger won


The Academy should also retroactively give him Best Actor for his work in Brokeback Mountain. Never in my life have I seen a more deserving performance.

OMG. Are any Americans going to win Oscars?

We’ve got an Australian host. A Spanish Best Supporting Actress. An Australian Best Supporting Actor. The Japanese guy who won for Best Animated Short (who said in his acceptance speech, no joke, “Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!”), The German people who won for sound stuff. All the Slumdog Millionaire Indian people. A British Best Director. A British Best Actress.

Oh my god: Mickey Rourke, we are counting on you. I never thought I would say this, but: you’ve got to represent us. UPDATE: Okay, or Sean Penn. Congrats for your win!

Who’s watching The Oscars?

I watch it every year. Tonight we’re having our annual Academy Awards “party.” It’s a bit more intimate than in years past since we only have a half dozen friends in D.C. We prepared a small feast (with vegan truffles!) and our friends Dustin and Bray are coming over.


Watching the Oscars with my mom was a tradition that continued well into my adulthood. My more recent Oscar memories run the gamut: in 2006 I had been in an intensive care unit for quite a long time and doing really badly. However, that did not stop my nurse from whisking me upstairs to a private room on the eve of the Oscars so I wouldn’t miss the ceremony. It was a welcome break from the sound of medical machinery beeping and people screaming “Code blue! Code blue!” on either side of me.

At one of our huge Oscar parties in Florida, I was the lucky winner of the Oscar bet game –I guessed the most winners– and took home the distinguished prize: an autographed picture of Loni Anderson. It was made out to a couple (“To Susie and David”) that none of us knew.

Do you watch the telecast? At a party or by yourself?

My boyfriend Tim Gunn to work Oscars red carpet

Project Runway‘s dreamy Tim Gunn is going to be a red carpet commenter at the Academy Awards ceremony! Can you believe it? They’re actually giving a microphone to someone who is witty, elegant, charming and knowledgeable about fashion. (Take that, Joan and Melissa!)


Tim, who also stars in his own Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style will be a cohost on Oscars Red Carpet 2009 on February 22.

Diane Keaton accepting her Oscar for “Annie Hall”

Two things struck me while I watched this 1978 clip of Diane Keaton accepting her Oscar for Annie Hall (1) Wow, actors were really able to express themselves, for good or bad, in the years before stylists like Rachel Zoe. I miss those days. I used to enjoy seeing the kind of clothes people liked to wear. (2) Diane’s speech makes me think she wasn’t acting at all in Annie Hall, which Woody Allen wrote for her. “Wow, this is really terrific!”

I think she’s precious.

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