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The sacrilegious stateside “Absolutely Fabulous”

It’s really happening. They’re already filming the shit.

Look at the original Patsy and Edina:


Now look at the Yankee version. Go on, click on it. Knock yourself out, click it twice:


They look like kids dressed up as Patsy and Edina for Halloween! Why is Edina 12-years-old?!

Why? Why are they doing it? It’s offensive.

The Ronettes did it first: famous beehive hairdos

The ladies of The Ronettes were as famous for their towering beehive hairdos as they were for their big voices.

Did the late Estelle, her sister Ronnie and their cousin Nedra inspire the following famous beehives?

The B-52s in the late 1970s:


Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson piled it high for kitsch value.

Amy Winehouse circa 2006:


Marge Simpson:


With her sky-high blue ‘do and throaty voice, we bet Marge can belt it out better than any of ’em.

And, finally, Patsy:


The tousled party girl beehive is Absolutely Fabulous in our book.

Do you have a favorite beehive hairdo?

Today’s pop culture round-up

Okay, so we’ve had a lot of pop culture news today especially about women named Sarah.

First, the bad news:

* Fox is gonna make a crappy version of the perfect British comedy Absolutely Fabulous. It’s going to be set in Los Angeles and it’s gonna suck because on American TV, Puritanical censors prevent you from seeing the kind of bawdy humor that genius Jennifer Saunders wrote so well.

* The View‘s Elisabeth Hasselbeck continues to have her mental breakdown on national television. Here is today’s clip. WARNING: you’re gonna want to kick her. Even her buddy Sherri Shepherd had to open a can of whoop ass.

But there was also good news:

* My favorite heterosexual couple Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman are back on.

* Quirky social critic and historian Sarah Vowell released her new book, The Wordy Shipmates, today and she’ll be reading from it and discussing it Thursday evening at Politics & Prose here in D.C. You bet your tuchas I’ll be there.

News about which I am different:

* Hef and Holly broke up – Holly confirmed it on her Myspace blog , y’all!

* Misguided VP candidate Sarah Palin is rumored to make an appearance on Saturday Night Live. She better do it soon because in four more weeks, her 15 minutes of fame will be mercifully over.

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