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About Gina Vivinetto

UPDATED BIO (August 2015):

Gina is a writer and former English professor. She blogs about music through an LGBT lens for The, and she’s also a frequent contributor to, where she works as a freelance copy editor.

She first saw her words in print as an 11 year old when BMX Plus! published a poem of hers. Since then she has published more than one thousand arts and entertainment pieces, book reviews and essays in or on newspapers/magazines/web sites including, The,, Entertainment Tonight online,, Paste,,,,,, Rockrgrl, the Los Angeles Review of Books, Washington City Paper, Chicago Sun-Times, Oakland Tribune, Creative Loafing, Tampa Tribune, and the St. Petersburg Times, where she was the paper’s popular music critic and culture writer. She’s interviewed many important entertainers and culture shapers including Yoko Ono, Brian Wilson, Aretha Franklin, Little Richard, RuPaul, Kathleen Hanna, Kathy Griffin, Margaret Cho and Tig Notaro.

She is also the author of the kids story book Batman Classics: Starro and Stripes Forever (HarperCollins).

She was one of the original hosts of the mind bogglingly popular podcast Stuck In The ’80s.

This is her Twitter. This is her Facebook page.

You can also email her:

6 thoughts on “About Gina Vivinetto

  1. I don’t think I told you,but I literally ran into Tommy Lee at LaGuardia airport….

  2. philipb1961 on said:

    And I saw Tommy Lee drinking in the Carousel Bar at the hotel where I stayed – Hotel Monteleone – during Jazz Fest this year.

    Guy gets around!

  3. Regarding above comment. I’ve met at least two boyfriends (neither of them Tommy Lee) at the Hotel Monteleone. It’s that kind of place.

  4. I am honored as hell to be the first publication on that impressive list. Welcome back, Kotter.

  5. Tess Chibirka on said:

    Love your blog, Gina! Looking forward to more.

  6. Erin Walsh on said:

    Wow, I don’t even know where to begin. Haven’t spoken in 25 years. I hope you are well. I mean that. I think back at St. Pete sometimes, sometimes fondly when you were there………
    -Erin Oakland ,Ca

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