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Robert Phelps’s pet portraits

I’ve mentioned Florida’s Robert Phelps on this site before when I wrote about his vibrant paintings of rock stars including Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Iggy Pop. Since then, I learned about a whole other service Bobby provides to the world: pet portraits.

Yes! And you should have seen my face when I found out one of my favorite painters of all time would, for a modest fee, paint portraits of my cat and dog! (The biggest rock stars in the world, in my book.) Not that we’ve gotten to my cat and dog yet. I keep commissioning Bobby to do paintings of my friends’ pets because, seriously, these portraits make the best gifts ever. I’ve had Bobby do three so far. Check them out:

Here’s the dynamic duo of Lulu and Delilah (click to enlarge):

217185_1833394148219_1041376539_32025484_6347785_nThese were two separate portraits I got for some pals in Washington DC shortly after little Delilah went to heaven.

And here’s one I had Bobby do just this past Christmas of my friend’s sweet Lola:


Don’t you love the background?

Interested in commissioning a portrait? Or just want to look at more of Bobby’s work? Here’s his site. And here’s the section devoted to his pet portraits. Tell him I sent you.

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