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Art vigilantes paint over illegal billboards

From Consumerist:

A big bravo to the authentic graffiti artists in NYSAT or New York Street Advertising Takeover. These folks are going around the city and painting over corporate street art ads – yes, illegal graffiti ads created by corporations who want to appear “hep.”


In some cases NYSAT is replacing the ads with original street art and in others (see photo above) they’re simply painting the word “Delete.”

Here’s an incensed blog post about the phenomenon of corporate street ads in New York and an earlier Consumerist post about the blight of these ads in Los Angeles.

If you want to read more about guerilla and “underground” advertising tactics corporations are using to market to hipsters and young people, or if you just want to be scared shitless about advertising’s infiltration into every facet of our lives, pick up a copy of Anne Elizabeth Moore‘s incendiary Unmarketable: Brandalism, Copyfighting, Mocketing and the Erosion of Integrity (New Press, $15.95).

OMG no, not Dom DeLuise, too

Comic genius Dom DeLuise has died at age 75. Let’s celebrate with outtakes from the greatest movie ever made, Cannonball Run:

Poor Burt.

Express your grief in the comments.

Scholastic book orders: win

The fun kids over at the Once Upon A Win web site have brought back a very happy childhood memory for me: ordering Scholastic books in school! Did you? Remember the little catalogs? They were thin and bright and they looked like this, except without Rachael Ray, who I reckon is now so ubiquitous, she can infiltrate our very memories:


I went through books like crazy as a kid, but my parents could afford to purchase Scholastic books only, like, once. I remember getting my shipment, but I don’t remember what the books were.

Last fall, when I returned after nearly 30 years to Palmer, the small town in Western Massachusetts where I started school, I was excited to visit the public library where I spent endless hours reading Amelia Bedelia, George and Martha (remember them? They were hippos!) and, later, Encyclopedia Brown books, wherein you got to choose your own adventure! (UPDATE: Actually, as faithful reader Mindy points out, you didn’t get to choose your own adventure in Encyclopedia Brown books, you just got to select from several different endings).

The Palmer library also housed a nifty collection of Dynomite! magazine. (I feel sorry for any kid who grew up without it).


Alas, I was told by an old neighbor I happened across — yes, all the same people live in my little town — that the old colonial-era library had been torn down and a new modern one was built on a nearby street. I was devastated. Such memories. What new ones would have flooded my brain had I the chance to walk into that old library?

What are your book memories? Did you read a lot as a kid? What were your favorite books?

Do you love Kim and Kelley Deal?


You do? Then you might wanna read The Guardian‘s interview with the now sober sisters. They’re making music together again. Hurray!

Last book read


The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett. Boy, was it good. Now I wanna see the movie starring Humphrey Bogart as hardboiled detective Sam Spade.

Have you read the book? Seen the movie? Can you recommend both?

No Doubt hits the beach, er, bleach

No Doubt performed live on the Today show this morning and while I didn’t see it, I heard they sounded atrocious. Whoops. UPDATE: Here are links to today’s performance: “Don’t Speak,” “Spiderwebs” and “It’s My Life.”.

They sounded okay, not great, but that’s got a lot to do with the horrible mix. And, yes, Gwen forgot lyrics. Damn. As a singer, I can say: it happens to the best of us.

The band was especially bleached three of the with all four No Doubters sporting peroxide blonde hair and Gwen clad in what looks to be my junior high New Wave boyfriend Tom‘s bleached trousers. Noted: Ms. Stefani wore her signature 1990s hair knots, signifying she is back in full-on band mode. As opposed to solo mode, which would entail her bringing along the Harujuku Girls.

In fact, everything about Gwen reeked of her No Doubt days — the clothes, the moves — except she’s emaciated.


Anyone going to see No Doubt on its reunion tour? I’m hoping to see them in a few weeks on my visit home to Florida. It will be my first time seeing Gwen with the band. If it’s as good as her solo show, I’m in luck.

When homophobia is comical



Today my ears belong to Bowie


Specifically Station to Station.

What are you listening to today?

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