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Cool site alert

Check out, y’all.


I found my friend Dustin‘s awesome “HERBIVORE” tattoo on there, too, even though he didn’t send me a link or anything:


Isn’t that clever? The letters are made of vegetables and fruit.

Also: Two Happy Birthdays

Happy Birthday to two great gay men today, both of whom had an immeasurable impact on my life.

Today would have been the 79th birthday of slain gay rights leader (and my lifelong hero) Harvey Milk:


And a very happy 50th (!) to Morrissey, also a gigantic influence on me and the impetus to my teenage-to-now vegetarianism:


Thanks, fellas.

Insider’s vegan guide to Washington D.C.

My friend Dustin and I wrote this kicky insider guide to secret spots and out-of-the-way cafes to feed your vegan face when you visit the national’s capitol. And do come visit, because it’s boring here without you.

Evidence that I’ve worn a dress

From a long series wherein my mother took a picture of me every day before school. As my Facebook friends say, British Invasion rockers would have killed for that hair.


Adorable, right? Now you understand why I later chastised my mother for never making me a child star.

Happy birthday to the late Joey Ramone

Today would have been our beloved Joey Ramone‘s 58th birthday. Joey, we salute you.


How weird is it that three of the four original Ramones — Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee — are gone to punk rock heaven?

Flashback: Afrika Bambaataa and Johnny Rotten

Here’s “World Destruction”, still relevant as ever:

I want a ‘Buffy Staked Edward’ T-shirt


In the Buffy-verse, the human girl isn’t a wimp. She kicks ass.

Get your “And then Buffy Staked Edward…The End.” shirts here.

Happy 50th birthday, Martha Quinn


Can you believe it? Martha Quinn, sweetheart of the 1980s music video viewing generation and former gal pal of Stiv Bators (Dead Boys, Lords of the New Church), turns 50 today! Happy day, Martha. We still love you.

It’s not just me, right? Martha was the best VJ ever. UPDATE: Further evidence that Martha rules: she left a comment! Yay!

Boy George is free!

Boy George, one of my childhood faves, was released from prison early today. Here’s a The Daily Mail’s report. Doesn’t he look fit?


Favorite Boy George song? I think mine is “It’s A Miracle” by Culture Club. Or “The Crying Game” by the solo Boy.

Michelle Obama on ‘Sesame Street’


“I think it’s probably the best thing I’ve done so far in the White House.”
-Michelle Obama on her visit to Sesame Street

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