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Sun salutation, y’all


I’ve done a bunch of sun salutations in my new yoga class this week and they’re kicking my ass. It’s been years since I took yoga regularly and this creaky old body is limbering up. Slowly.

Do any of you practice yoga? I’d like to hear about your progress, how were you in the beginning vs. how you are now and how long it took.

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4 thoughts on “Sun salutation, y’all

  1. You were with me in my first ever yoga class. I’ve progressed nicely; I can touch the back of my head with the bottom of my foot now. My teacher Yiannis told me that something happens to your chakras when you reach that level – but so far nothing’s happened.

  2. SoniaC on said:

    How’s the practice going? I hope you’re keeping up. It’s worth every salutation 🙂

  3. Michael on said:

    Can I use your sun salutation image in an article I’m writing?

  4. Sylvia Ellis on said:

    I saw results within 2 weeks, i do it every day & its getting better. I look great for going on 62!

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