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OMG, no. Bea Arthur has died.

Oh, cruel, dark day.


Share with us your grief in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “OMG, no. Bea Arthur has died.

  1. Cathy on said:

    What a funny, classy broad.
    RIP Bea.

  2. Mindy on said:

    When I was home sick from chemo,I would lay in bed all day and watch “Golden Girls” on Lifetime.She helped get me through some rough times. Love you,Bea.

  3. Kevin Croitz on said:

    Me and my Grtandmother Nana would sit around in the evenings and laugh our asses off at the Golden Girls, and back in the day Maude was a hoot, she reminded me of my cousin Marrianne, a classy, liberated, opinionated, tell you like it is straight from her gut kind of gal and there aint too many of those around, you will be missed Bea

  4. She was a special lady.

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