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Did you watch ‘Grey Gardens’ last night?


I thought it was very good. I think Drew Barrymore could have an acting career beyond Adam Sandler movies. Who knew? Jessica Lange was at her very best. Wow. There is a scene where she (as Big Edie) sings “Tea For Two” while surrounded by squalor and it’s haunting. Whoever did the make-up on this film needs to win an armload of awards. Bra-vo!

Did you like it? How many of you have seen the original documentary?

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One thought on “Did you watch ‘Grey Gardens’ last night?

  1. I thought the script-writing was criminally lazy, taking soundbite quotations from the documentaries and just cramming them into scenes where they had no business. I was at the premiere with Mr. Albert Maysles in attendance, and I’m sure he was squirming in his seat during some of the more egregiously miscalculated scenes.

    I will say, however, that the ladies did a stellar job.

    Ultimately, if I want to see Big and Little Edie, I’d rather watch the real things as opposed to the mimicry versions we witnessed in this film.

    Little Edie (the real one) stated very clearly that she didn’t ever want anyone playing her, and I sort of wish people had honored that wish.

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