Gina Vivinetto’s Greatest Hits

Yeah Yeah Yeahs on ‘SNL’

Watch the videos before NBC brass takes them off YouTube:

Here’s “Zero”:

and that old chestnut “Maps”

Karen O. = god. (Probably not appropriate to say on Easter, but so be it).

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are performing again Tuesday (4/14) on Letterman and and Wednesday (4/15) on Jimmy Fallon‘s show.

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4 thoughts on “Yeah Yeah Yeahs on ‘SNL’

  1. I saw them on SNL last night and never heard of them before. I thought that the music was pretty good, but the lead singer reminded me a lot of Chrissie Hynde in the early ’80s, then I felt really old.

  2. Mindy on said:

    Sorry to say this,but I would just rather listen to Siouxsie or Chrissie…

  3. Oh Mindy (sigh) you’re so cool. I wanna have your baby…

  4. with whipped potatoes and a lovely little green salad 🙂

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