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Gina stimulates the economy

I am doing my part to strengthen the American dollar by spending ridiculous amounts of money replacing my damaged early 1970s Franciscan Sundance dinnerware. Isn’t it cute?


I bought a huge set of it (dinner for eight!) for $30 years ago from a kindly senior citizen in Florida. I don’t get attached to much, but I love these dishes like they were my children. I also have such lovely memories of my interaction with their previous owner. So the dishes have come with me to every new place I’ve lived.

Alas, seven months ago I began washing the plates in my D.C. dishwasher and, well, their aesthetic values has been compromised. So now I’m replacing the bowls that have been hit hardest. But, wow, look at the cost of replacement Sundance items. Yikes. Baby steps. And no more dishwasher.

Do you have some strange item that means this much to you? Something that would compel you to illogically shell out a huge amount of money to repair or replace it?

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One thought on “Gina stimulates the economy

  1. Mindy on said:

    I do! I used to have a dwarf bunny who has since passed on to bunny heaven.My neighbors used to be this adorable elderly couple,and they gave me a rose colored candy dish in the shape of a rabbit,a thank you gift for getting their mail and keeping an eye on their place while they were out of town.Everytime I saw them they asked about Sam the bunny.The dish is so tacky it’s cool.Once Sam died the dish was dubbed “The Sam the Bunny Memorial Candy Dish”-I am very protective of it,and it’s not actually used as a candy dish,I don’t want to risk it getting chipped or broken.Yep,totally lame!

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