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“Rhoda” on DVD, at long last

Thank Christ! I have griped very publicly about the fact that television’s Rhoda is not availbale on DVD. So imagine my joy when I just checked Amazon again (I’m obsessed) and learned the season one discs will be released April 21.



The series showed us Rhoda’s life after she left Minneapolis (and The Mary Tyler Moore Show) to follow her dream of being a high profile window dresser in the Big Apple. It starred, of course, Valerie Harper as Rhoda, but also future Simpsons voice star Julie Kavner as Rhoda’s little sis Brenda and the incomparable Nancy Walker as their lovably overbearing mother Ida.

The show featured guest spots from many of Rhoda’s friends back in Minneapolis including Mary Tyler Moore, Cloris Leachman, Ed Asner and Gavin Macleod and also showcased future stars like Judd Hirsch, and the late John Ritter and Ron Silver.

Do you love Rhoda? I can only vaguely remember watching this show in the 1970s. I was but a wee child so I’m super excited to experience it again!

Happy 75th birthday, Gloria Steinem


Yeah, seventy five years of kicking ass!

Susan Sontag’s ‘Reborn’ journals

I just finished reading Reborn: Journals and Notebook 1947-1963, a collection or personal writing by author-critical essayist Susan Sontag. It’s a fun and provocative read considering Sontag was just 17 when she started writing the journals.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Sontag and whose photographer Annie Liebovitz, who was Sontag’s companion for more than 10 years until Sontag’s death in 2004 (and has the tax woes to show for it).

Here is Sontag in a photo dated 1976 with her son David Rieff, who edited the journals.


She looks unwashed and sexy, like a rock star. Interestingly, a recurring theme in Sontag’s youthful journals is her reminding herself to bathe every day. Like I said: total rock star.

She is missed.

Stars With Shopping Carts

Good grief, it’s been ages, but here’s the latest installment of our popular “Stars With Shopping Carts” series. Ready? On your marks, get set, go:

Naomi Watts and Liev Shrieber already dipping into their Whole Foods grub:


Pink, also a Whole Foods enthusiast:

Maria Bello and her men:

Heidi Klum and her son say “Auf Weidersehen!” to the store

heidi klum 280808

Doctor Who star Billie Piper and her husband, actor Laurence Fox:

The inimitable Shannen Doherty:


Who would you go shopping with?

Portia DeRossi apologizes for her gay marriage

Bravo to Jimmy Kimmel’s writers. This is hilarious.

Going to see “Sunshine Cleaning” in an hour


I’ve heard wildly mixed reviews. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for mediocre. I like these two broads.

UPDATE: It was really good. Very enjoyable. Amy Adams and Emily Blunt were terrific together. The only part I objected to was the too-cheesy CB to heaven stuff.

And trivia: Amy played John Krasinski’s girlfriend on The Office on season one. Emily is his girlfriend in real life.

Tomorrow is the Great American Meatout

Tomorrow is the 25th annual Great American Meatout. Read why it’s a great idea for you, the animals, and the planet.


No meat, all day! You can do it.

“The Ben Stiller Show” Manson skit

Speaking of Charles Manson, here is probably my favorite bit the cast of The Ben Stiller Show ever did. Look for Janeane Garofalo, Andy Dick, and the underrated Bob Odenkirk as Manson.

Hint: click twice to enlarge the screen.

It’s hilarious, right? Did you love The Ben Stiller Show, too? Best thing on television from 1990-92.

Look at Charles Manson now

Here is Charles Manson’s official prison photo. He’s an old bastard now, grey and balding. He’s 74. Why do all the evil motherf—ers live so long?


I wonder if he ever rethinks that swastika tattoo? This August will be the 40th anniversary of the Manson Family murder spree.

How do you hang your toilet paper?

Apartment Therapy is not afraid to tackle the big stuff, so we won’t be either.

Let’s vote: What is the correct way to hang toilet paper?


I like option #2.


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