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Stars With Shopping Carts

Good grief, it’s been ages, but here’s the latest installment of our popular “Stars With Shopping Carts” series. Ready? On your marks, get set, go:

Naomi Watts and Liev Shrieber already dipping into their Whole Foods grub:


Pink, also a Whole Foods enthusiast:

Maria Bello and her men:

Heidi Klum and her son say “Auf Weidersehen!” to the store

heidi klum 280808

Doctor Who star Billie Piper and her husband, actor Laurence Fox:

The inimitable Shannen Doherty:


Who would you go shopping with?

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3 thoughts on “Stars With Shopping Carts

  1. Kevin Croitz on said:

    god they have flimsy looking shopping carts in England, I recommend Aldi’s, real cheap and basic, bring a quarter for a cart rental and youre own bags

  2. James Spader,he’s definitely my stars w/ shopping carts fantasy.

    And this is sorta unrelated,but my friend Andrew who lives in Brooklyn went to the Fleetwood Mac show at Madison Square Garden,and he saw Rory Gilmore there.She didn’t have a shopping cart though.

  3. ginavivinetto on said:

    My friend Dustin was walking to work last weekend here in D.C. and Debra Winger (sans shopping cart) asked him for directions.

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