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Look at Charles Manson now

Here is Charles Manson’s official prison photo. He’s an old bastard now, grey and balding. He’s 74. Why do all the evil motherf—ers live so long?


I wonder if he ever rethinks that swastika tattoo? This August will be the 40th anniversary of the Manson Family murder spree.

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8 thoughts on “Look at Charles Manson now

  1. How’d he get so leather-faced in prison? Does he really get THAT much yard time?

  2. Kevin Croitz on said:

    last time I saw him he had the whole James Brown hair thing going, he should have kept it, why hasent somebody shanked this putz by now?

  3. Elena on said:

    He lives so long,as he is vegetarian 🙂 He’s not a bad person,he’s thoughts of saving the world are awesome. Maybe he was the cause why people were killed,but why do I have to feel sorry for them,when noone feels sorry for killed animals. Animals are much more better than human!As long as you people will be killing and using animals-there wont be peace in this world…It couldn’t be as your hands are in blood….

    • Is Elena for real? He is the reason that 6 people are dead!! Just reading her comment (if you can) shows how ignorant some people can be. Hey Elena! GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!

  4. Peggy on said:

    Only God Knows!

  5. Bobbi on said:

    Amy you are right on, SISTER!!! Elena’s comments? Is she out of her tree? She should take a good look at the slaughtered bodies of these poor victims. Manson & his “Family” should have been executed decades ago. Waste of our tax $

  6. kristal on said:

    Dear, sweet, illiterate Elana. Do you KNOW the history of this man? Do you know that he is responsible for the murder of an unborn child as well as his other victims? You should listen to some of his rants. He is very intelligent, but also very insane. He would kill you without a thought. People kill animals for food because we are carnivorous. Its true, thats why we have molars. People kill people for much more destructive reasons. Vengance, jeolousy, sport, and pure evil. I don’t feel evil for eating a steak. Sorry to all the cows out there.

  7. palen on said:

    i may not have been around when the murders were being taken place..and iv read alot about him, i have books and biographies that talk about the murders and charles manson.. i believe he should be up for paroll soon…so he killed 6 people…hes lived a long 40 year term in prison…and hes said hes sorry..if i had the money to go, id go visit him in prison.

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