Gina Vivinetto’s Greatest Hits

The sacrilegious stateside “Absolutely Fabulous”

It’s really happening. They’re already filming the shit.

Look at the original Patsy and Edina:


Now look at the Yankee version. Go on, click on it. Knock yourself out, click it twice:


They look like kids dressed up as Patsy and Edina for Halloween! Why is Edina 12-years-old?!

Why? Why are they doing it? It’s offensive.

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3 thoughts on “The sacrilegious stateside “Absolutely Fabulous”

  1. ediretnati on said:

    haha….. they’re happy to be a child…… maybe they felt not enough being kid……. haha…. nice to meet you….. may I add your link into my blogroll???

  2. Is Roseanne Barr involved in the production? As I recall she purchased the Amreican rights to Ab Fab quite a while ago and then nothing seemed to happen. I wonder if her option expired and someone else snapped it up.

  3. Kevin Croitz on said:

    it would be like having an American version of the Young Ones, bloody terrible

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