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Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams got married

Is anyone else freaked out by this? Former teen pop star Mandy Moore and brooding indie rocker Ryan Adams went and got married.


My Facebook friends and I had a field day with this yesterday, and in honor of Mandy and Ryan, we schemed up even more odd (albeit imaginary) teen star/serious musician couplings. The best ones, in my opinion, included:

Jessica Simpson and Bob Dylan
Kristy McNichol and Jeff Tweedy
Disney’s iCarly and Elvis Costello
McCauley Culkin and Courtney Love
Dakota Fanning and Joey Ramone
Hilary Duff and Frank Black
Joey Lawrence and Patti Smith
Miley Cyrus and Paul Westerberg
Zac Efron and Tori Amos
Clay Aiken and Little Richard
Lance Bass and Bob Mould
Heidi Montag and Mark Lanegan
Lindsay Lohan and Joan Jett
NKOTB’s Jordan Knight and Joni Mitchell
Parker Stevenson and Judy Collins
Shaun Cassidy and Edith Piaf
Hayden Paniettiere and Ted Nugent
Kirk Cameron and Gen (of The Genitorturers)

Yes, we really made a huge list. There were many more. (Did I mention the average age of the participants was about 40? Kind of scary that we had nothing better to do).

Go ahead. Add more. And congratulations to Ryan and Mandy.

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5 thoughts on “Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams got married

  1. ediretnati on said:

    who wants to get married after that????

  2. philipb1961 on said:

    yeah, that strikes me as really odd.

    But, hey, maybe MM will be the muse that Ryan needs to spark him to return to the music biz. You know, he said he was quitting.

    Maybe she has a sister who can help Joaquin give up rapping?

  3. um. i don’t think this is such a weird combo. simply because mandy moore started her career as a bubble gum pop star does not constitute that she is is unable to relate to the depth of someone such as adams. on the contrary – she has exhibited a lot of depth and humor as an actress and personality of recent fame. consider – “saved” talk about tongue and cheek. i dare say jessica simpson could not have pulled off the irony that moore exhibits.

    respectfully dissenting,

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  5. Rachel on said:

    Hahahah Clay Aiken and Little Richard made me lol!!

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