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Happy Birthday, Jack Kerouac!


The eternal beatnik would be 87 today.

All of us youngsters who grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida have stopped by Jack’s house on 10th Street North. Interestingly, Jack’s name was still in the phone book in the 1980s, though he died in 1969.

Any fans of the Beat Generation writers out there? I own an autographed copy of Allen Ginsberg‘s Howl.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jack Kerouac!

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  2. Kevin Croitz on said:

    I’m a big fan of Jack’s, have driven past his house in St Pete, pretty non descript looking place, I’ve seen the origional roll of On the Road at the University of Texas when I was there, back in the early 90’s I went to Jack’s birthday party at Brad Cooper Gallery, that was a jazzy funfilled evening. I’ve met and have as a Facebook Buddy John Dorfner a biographer of Jack’s. I’ve also been to Haslem’s Bookstore where Jack’s ghost is said to reside, maybe I’ll get my ghosthunting friend Deborah to investigate that. Kevin

  3. freelanceallison on said:

    I have driven by that St.Pete house so many times and never realized it was his house – that house has a whole new perspective for me now, wow. Thanks for that info! I love his work

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