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Randy Bewley of Pylon

I just found out that Randy Bewley, guitarist for Pylon, one of my all-time favorite bands, has died. He had a heart attack while driving his van Monday and got into a bad accident. He was taken off life support today.


I’m just heartbroken.

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2 thoughts on “Randy Bewley of Pylon

  1. I saw Pylon play with Monday Mornings as the opener. Great show.

  2. Kevin Croitz on said:

    I’m jealous of the Monday Mornings/Pylon concert scene, I saw the Monday Mornings back in the Rainbow Lounge in Ybor, I never got to see Pylon in concert and am sad because of that, we are losing too many great bands lately. My Uncle Ed died when he was 44 of an frackin anaphalictic shock he was allergic too something and his heart stopped, this cat Randy died too young and we all need to spread the word that enoughs a frackin enough and we need a health care system that cares for the health of the people who need it, or we are all just pawns in their game, the world is temporary enough as it is we regular people need help, or we need to over come Natural Selection.

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