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Jorge Luis Borges, you so crazy!

I’m reading Jorge Luis Borges for the first time since my Latin American lit class in college.


There are only a few authors that when I read them I think: freaky genius. Borges is one of them. How could his head fit all that esoterica and imagination? So inventive, so playful, so smart.

Any J.L.B. fans in the house?

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2 thoughts on “Jorge Luis Borges, you so crazy!

  1. allaboutjeff on said:

    I love “The garden of forking paths” and “library of babel”…

  2. I taught his work for many, many years at the undergrad and grad levels, and the students loved him. His stories and essays are well known, but few know about his poetry, which is also great! See a photo of him with me in my blog.

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