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The Ronettes did it first: famous beehive hairdos

The ladies of The Ronettes were as famous for their towering beehive hairdos as they were for their big voices.

Did the late Estelle, her sister Ronnie and their cousin Nedra inspire the following famous beehives?

The B-52s in the late 1970s:


Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson piled it high for kitsch value.

Amy Winehouse circa 2006:


Marge Simpson:


With her sky-high blue ‘do and throaty voice, we bet Marge can belt it out better than any of ’em.

And, finally, Patsy:


The tousled party girl beehive is Absolutely Fabulous in our book.

Do you have a favorite beehive hairdo?

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One thought on “The Ronettes did it first: famous beehive hairdos

  1. malcolm williams on said:

    i remeber the Ronettes very well and i also remember there hair styles and while youngters to day think Amy Winehouse had it first, she was about 47 years to late, and another thing the Ronettes did’nt have the problems with the drink, drugs and nasty looking tatoo’s.
    Amy Winehouse might think she is a soul singer, but that only goes for the UK, she’s not much good compared to the 60’s girl group singers from America and i’d go as far to say no white female or white male for that matter can sing real soul music.
    There is only one person in the UK who can really sing soul music and that is Mica Paris and she is worth a thousand of Winehouse.

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