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Alec Baldwin makes fun of Joaquin Phoenix

If you’ve seen Joaquin Phoenix‘s weird appearance on Late Show With David Letterman this week, you might find it funny that comic mastermind Alec Baldwin mocked him on The Conan O’ Brien Show last night.

Watch it here.

Also, last night’s 30 Rock ruled, right? Best episode of the season.

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4 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin makes fun of Joaquin Phoenix

  1. Um,yeah it was! That was Tammi Littlenut from “Strangers With Candy” playing a blind girl! Awesome!

  2. ginavivinetto on said:

    I know! I was so excited to see her again.

  3. judging by Joaquin’s appearance on the Letterman show, he might be going through an identity crisis

  4. Kevin Croitz on said:

    He so didnt want to be there, it was like the time I was in the principals office, only I didnt have that groovy of a beard and wasnt smoking crack, I think he should be whatever he wants to be and if its a muscian more power to him just stay away from Amy Winehouse dude.

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