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U2 perform five nights in a row on ‘Letterman’

Because Bono and company don’t understand the concept of overkill, U2 will follow up its high profile gigs at the presidential inauguration and the Grammys with an unprecedented five nights of performances on the Late Show With David Letterman March 2-6. The gig coincides with the the release of the band’s 114th album No Line On The Horizon.


U2 isn’t the first rock ‘n’ roll group to act as house band for a late night television show. Remember back in 2003 when the White Stripes played four nights on Late Night With Conan O’ Brien?


Fittingly, the blues punk duo will come out of hibernation on March 2 to play Conan’s last show before he heads out to Los Angeles to take the reins at The Tonight Show.

So, here’s the question: on March 2, do you watch U2 or the White Stripes? Or neither?

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5 thoughts on “U2 perform five nights in a row on ‘Letterman’

  1. Kevin Croitz on said:

    White Stripes on the 2nd, U2 the other days, and whoever is on Austin City Limits the other time thats on

  2. Q: Guess who won’t be watching Letterman March 2-6.

    A: this bitch

  3. philipb1961 on said:

    Hey, now, leave Bono alone.
    We named our first child after him.
    Not really.

  4. I do leave Bono alone.He refuses to leave me alone!

  5. Heinz on said:

    U2 with Bono is fantastic Group and wonderful Music!

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