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Stars With Shopping Carts

We’re way overdue for a new Stars With Shopping Carts installment, so let’s get to it!

This week’s theme: “Young Hollywood – And Its Hasbeens”. Oh, Tinsel Town, you’re so fickle.

You tell me which of the following shoppers are still hot and which are not.


The Hills reality star Lauren “L.C.” Conrad:

Lauren Conrad

Tweezed eyebrow’d heartthrob Zac Efron:


Faye Dunaway-feudin’ Hilary Duff:


Former actress Lindsay Lohan:

lindsay lohan shopping 030208

That ’70s Show cutie Mila Kunis with male friend:


An old picture of Nicole Ritchie and then-friend Misha Barton, another former actress. (Remember The O.C.?):


Now you vote! Who’s still got a career, who’s done, who’s hanging on by a thread?

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4 thoughts on “Stars With Shopping Carts

  1. Molly McMahon on said:

    LC Conrad – going….going….

    Zac – he still has staying power, and is probably the strongest of the bunch

    Hilary Duff – Eh, she needs to do something quick

    Lindsay – She’s going to stick around because of this SamRo thing. Whatever happens with the relationship, it has bought her at least a year of general public interest – even without a movie in the works.

    Mila Kunis – she’s done. I had to dig deep to even remember who she was. I thought she was dating a Macaulay Culkin?

    Nichole Ritchie – She has staying power even though she’s not talented. A redeeming quality are her charitable efforts as of late.

  2. drummergirl on said:

    Does NO ONE in Hollywood bring their own reusable bags? Come on! dang.

  3. gossip queen on said:

    Clearly Molly doesn’t know much about the glamorous. L.C. is “going…going”… really? Where to? Of the entire group she has the least amount of talent. Nicole at least is funny and says random shit, not that I’m a fan. Mila Kunis now, she has actual acting talent and is drop dead gorgeous. Enough said.

    -the queen.

  4. Obviously, Mila Kunis! She’s talented and the most gorgeous lady on the planet. She’s in the massively successful show “Family Guy” she was in “Date Night” with the amazingly talented Steve Carrel and now she’s in the critically acclaimed movie “Black Swan” with the extremely talented Natalie Portman. SO,YOU CAN SUCK IT!

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