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Off to see Howard Zinn

I’m heading out the door to hop on the 96 bus and ride to Busboys and Poets where famed historian Howard Zinn is giving a talk.


Zinn is the author of A People’s History of the United States, among other terrific books that rexamine the role our leaders have played in our own nation’s history and that of many others. Hint: Zinn’s not impressed.

I think he’s a smart man and I love what he says. I highly highly recommend his books.

This is the first time I’m seeing him in person. I’m excited!

UPDATE: I got to the event a good 30 minutes early and was worried by the line that stretched down the street. Busboys and Poets, whose capacity I’ve heard is around 350, quickly filled up. Dozens of us didn’t get inside. The venue was good enough to put speakers outside so we could hear Zinn talk, but I felt like Tiny Tim standing out in the cold (30 degrees?), peeking in the window at everyone inside comfortably eating dinner. I briefly considered rubbing some charcoal on my cheeks to look even more pathetic in a bid to be invited inside, but I didn’t. I left.

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