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Vegetarians acting weird: The Morrissey Edition

We’ve already wondered what’s going on with Joaquin.

Now, here’s another fellow vegetarian acting funny: Morrissey and his band, nude on the inside sleeve of his new single “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris.”


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6 thoughts on “Vegetarians acting weird: The Morrissey Edition

  1. swandiver on said:

    Except for Morrissey himself (who obviously tanned) and that guy on the left, I didn’t realize that white people actually were that white. Is it a British thing? I don’t think American white people are that pale.

  2. Kevin Croitz on said:

    I think they photoshopped Morrissey’s body with the guy on the second to the right, yikes where’s you’re British decorum.

  3. I’m gonna see Moz next month at Jannus Landing,I’m hoping he strips for an encore..

  4. I can’t stop staring at this picture.It appears from the tan lines Morrissey is a Speedo fan…..

  5. Ok.I just looked at this again.

  6. Cheese Food Product on said:

    I just saw the music video for “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris” and I was amazed by how much it resembled the “Every Word Means No” video by Let’s Active. Puppies and white cyc walls are always a winning combination!

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