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My new celebrity friend

So, last night I was perusing TMZ and I saw pictures of Whitney Houston and Mike Tyson leaving LAX during the day to fly to Washington D.C. for Obama‘s inauguration. I told my lady friend this and we discussed all the celebrities that were in town for this historic event and its festivities.

“We should go to Dupont Circle and walk around and see who’s there,” I said.

But my lady friend, who is infinitely more brilliant, said, “We should go to the aiport!”

Within minutes we were on the metro and after a quick transfer, we exited at Reagan National Airport where, scanning the monitors, we determined a New York flight would arrive any minute and that star-studded flight from LAX? Just two hours later.

We waited in the right area and watched as people strolled off of their planes. No celebrities.

We walked into a nearby Borders bookstore to kill time before the L.A. flight landed, but I heard a loud voice outside. I looked out and saw a famous face and even more famous hair. My lady friend and I ran after him, camera in hand. We had found our star!

Ladies and gentleman, me and Don King:


He was standing at the baggage carousel, surrounded by about 20 people asking for pictures. One by one, he posed with them, grinning and repeating, “Only in America, only in America.”

So true. On so many levels.

What an amazing week we’re going to have here in the national’s capitol.

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9 thoughts on “My new celebrity friend

  1. You guys are awesome!

  2. Molly McMahon on said:

    Can I be your friend?

  3. zsa zsa on said:

    I love him!!!!

  4. Gina, you are one of the baddest motherfuckers to ever walk the planet!

  5. Gina that kicks some major ass! I love it!

  6. So who is he gonna put you in the ring with, or what? Don’t tell me you let him go before getting a fight!

  7. Kevin Croitz on said:

    yyyeeaahh I’m number 60001 wheres the ticker tape and gold statue

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  9. emmettqaf on said:

    How fabulous! Great idea your lady friend had.

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