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Sci-fi author Bruce Sterling’s state-of-the-world missive

Sci-fi and cyberpunk author Bruce Sterling wrote his annual Things In General piece for The Well, an online community of smarty pants and creative types.


54-year-old Sterling’s musing on the financial crisis made me giggle:

” I’m a bohemian type, so I could scarcely be bothered to do anything “financially sound” in my entire adult life. Last year was the first year when I’ve felt genuinely sorry for responsible, well-to-do people. Suddenly they’ve got the precariousness of creatives, of the underclass, without that gleeful experience of decades spent living-it-up.

These are people who obeyed the social contract and are *still* getting it in the neck. The injustice of that upsets me. The bourgeoisie who kept their noses clean and obeyed the rules, I never had anything against them. I mean, of course I made big artsy fun of them, one has to do that, but I never meant them any active harm. I didn’t scheme to raise a black flag and cut their throats because they were consumers.”

I’m sure Bruce is tossing and turning at night.

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2 thoughts on “Sci-fi author Bruce Sterling’s state-of-the-world missive

  1. Kevin Croitz on said:

    I guess old Gordon Gekko wasnt right Greed isnt really good, people need to learn to live within their means, and to take care of one another. I work in retail and see it everyday, people spending what they dont really have, credit will bite you everytime, and its a rigged system, time to ditch it, save, and get back to nature. Kevin

  2. This is a really funny quote. I would say I quite agree with what he has to say. I’m not “financially secure” but like he says, I have years of memories of “living it up” traveling, playing in bands, going on long bike rides, taking photos, chasing foolish dreams and leisurely afternoons spent paling around with my other unemployed creative friends. So at least I can look back and not feel like didn’t take a chance doing what I wanted to truly make me happy. You can give the best years of your life to some company and they’ll drop you in a second so they can pad their quarterly profits. So it goes.

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