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Coolest tattoo ever?

I found a picture on the internet of what, I think, is the coolest tattoo I’ve ever seen, a connect-the-dots giraffe!:


It’s brilliant, adorable and nostalgic. Bravo!

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6 thoughts on “Coolest tattoo ever?

  1. That girl was at Jake’s weddiing!!!!!! I saw it in person and it was super awesome,a was the girl who has it……

  2. Deb D. on said:

    I want one!!

  3. yoso tattoo on said:

    Did you get this from my blog? Or from Amolst awesome? 🙂 If so, always nice to make a link to the source 🙂 Or maybe just a coincidence 🙂 How tiltles are so similar? 🙂

  4. therainydaymuseum on said:

    I can’t believe I missed this one! Yes, that’s my friend Colleen. That tattoo is actually part of a very elaborate Giraffe themed art project which also involved the freezing, burning and drawing and quartering of a plush toy Giraffe, apparently a childhood toy of hers.

  5. alexaaaish on said:

    lol thats awsome!

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