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Zooey and Ben, sitting in a tree…

Who knew cutie pie actress Zooey Deschanel and indie rock superstar Ben Gibbard, singer-guitarist of Death Cab For Cutie, were an item?


Well, they have been for over a year and they recently announce their engagement, so congrats, Zooey and Ben!

If you’ve seen recent pics of Mr. Gibbard, he’s now one of those rail-thin manorexic indie rock boys and it’s a big subject on all the music blogs. Isn’t it interesting that our culture is now as obsessed with boys’ weights as it’s always been with girls’ weights? Yikes. This is not progress, friends.

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3 thoughts on “Zooey and Ben, sitting in a tree…

  1. conner on said:

    but. but. i was supposed to marry zooey.

  2. duexmachina on said:


    me too.

  3. Daniel on said:

    He definitely out kicked his coverage! She is a total babe and he is a guy who needs to be in a rock band to get a girl.

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