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Ready for a game of Hipster Bingo?


How would you customize the Hipster Bingo card to your town?

In DC, the hipsters — yes, I’ve found some, but only late at night — wear skinny jeans. The boys, that is. Folded in neat cuffs at the bottom.

In Brooklyn, it’s the Buddy Holly glasses. And skinny jeans.

In St. Pete, Florida — yes, believe it or not, there are tons of hipsters there — it’s PBR and dirty hair (with unkempt beards and mustaches). Also: A shitload of tattoos. It’s Redneck Chic all the way. Although when I was there over the holidays, I saw a ton of dreadlocks.

What do the kids wear in your city?

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10 thoughts on “Ready for a game of Hipster Bingo?

  1. I could put one of my friends’ names in each one of those squares….hell,I could fill in half those squares with my own name,unfortunately the over 30 hipster is one of them……

  2. Kevin Croitz on said:

    In Raleigh, for awhile it was skater bushy 70’s hair and hoodies, now its Buddy Holly Glasses, and soul patches, I’m holding out for the zoot suit and pork pie hat come on you know they look cool.

  3. Marlee on said:

    mmmm, PBR. I almost missed a plane once from drinking too much in your living room gallery. thank you:) I imagine my hair was dirty, i didn’t have a shower at the time… shabby chic all the way, but chic none the less. we are all too cool for real jobs is what it is…

  4. thanx for tugging off of hro

  5. I just fired out a butt cracker while reading your silly Hipster Bingo card.

  6. i don’t understand the height ones, people don’t exactly choose how tall they are.
    buut on every single other one you are spot on haha, even though i do enjoy miller high life myself.

  7. Where are the jorts? That’s a Boston staple.

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  9. Seymour47 on said:

    In Carrboro, NC it’s clothing that looks like it’s been worn by 8 different people in the last week and a complete lack of personal hygiene. And, no, I’m not talking about the local homeless population. Though the hipsters here do seem to aspire to resemble them.

  10. Chris on said:

    You totally missed any apple product.

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