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Vegetarians acting weird: The Morrissey Edition

We’ve already wondered what’s going on with Joaquin.

Now, here’s another fellow vegetarian acting funny: Morrissey and his band, nude on the inside sleeve of his new single “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris.”


Care to comment?

Famous Super Bowl commercials

In honor of the Super Bowl — oh, don’t be too impressed, I actually thought it was going to be last Sunday — let’s revisit some of the evening’s most famous television commercials. Super Bowl Sunday game night is the most coveted airtime of the year for advertisers so they usually give us some real interesting stuff.

Here are some that have made the history books:

Coca-Cola’s Mean Joe Green ad (1979):

Macintosh’s creepy 1984-inspired ad (1984):

This inspirational Nuveen investments ad featuring Christoper Reeve (2000):

and this funny EDS cat herder commercial: (2000)

(I’m hoping I don’t find out that kitties were hurt filimng that).

Do you have a favorite?

Teach you toddler how to poop and gamble

with this trailer trash item:


Available at – where else? – Wal-Mart.

Here’s George Bush Sr.’s joke about “ugly” feminists (and Bill Clinton’s reaction)

There’s been such a brouhaha about this – – with reason! — so I’ll post:

Oh, the laffs!

R. Crumb said it best

“People now don’t have any concept that there was ever a culture outside of this thing that was created to make money. Whatever is the biggest, latest thing, they’re into it. You get disgusted after a while at humanity.”


And he said that before boy bands, reality TV, and iPhones.

I’m worried about Joaquin Phoenix

The Grizzly Adams-ness, the faux rap career, and now this?


What’s going on with my vegan brother?

Yes, please: Scratch ‘N Sniff stickers


Remember these from the early 1980s? I want them now.

Thanks to the nostalgia kids at Once Upon A Win.

UPDATE: How do Scratch ‘N Sniff stickers work? The intrepid kids at Mental Floss break it down.

May I direct you to today’s interesting blog posts?

Kick ass musician and activist Lorna Bracewell wants you to discuss the Obama Ms. cover here.

Photog and fan girl Carrie Waite wants to discuss bands with beards at the Sweaty Bitches of Rock ‘N’ Roll site.

Different strokes for different folks, people.

Go, read, comment!

John Updike to finally stop writing

Crazily prolific author John Updike died earlier today.


From his obit:

A literary writer who frequently appeared on best-seller lists, the tall, hawk-nosed Updike wrote novels, short stories, poems, criticism, the memoir “Self-Consciousness” and even a famous essay about baseball great Ted Williams. He was prolific, even compulsive, releasing more than 50 books in a career that started in the 1950s. Updike won virtually every literary prize, including two Pulitzers, for “Rabbit Is Rich” and “Rabbit at Rest,” and two National Book Awards.

Hope there is a typewriter in heaven, Mr. Updike.

Now is that nice?

Is it?


Vandalism sucks. So does fur.

I’m torn.

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