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Hi, I’m back! Let’s catch up.

I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful holiday season. I didn’t hear “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” once and that was enough reason to celebrate. I went to Florida to spend the season (or a week of it) with my dad, who turned 67- –Yay! Tommy V!—and my brother and his wife.

I got to see all of my friends, too, and a snotty new bumper sticker on some mini-vans that reads “We say Merry Christmas.” I guess some people are retaliating! Yeah! Fightin’ back at the damned terrorist anti-Christians who dare to celebrate a different holiday.

Also, GV’s GH reader Cheese Food Product was savvy enough to send me the following quote (from 2005) from Christian right-wing nut Ann Coulter, knowing it would get under my skin:

“Oh, It was so much fun this year, because saying ‘Merry Christmas’ is like saying ‘Fuck You.’ I’ve said it to everyone. You know, cab drivers, passing people on the street, whatever.”


Bravo, Ann. You are truly doing the Lord’s work. (If Ann said something as asinine this season, will somebody please forward it to me?

I saw a few things in the news while I was away from you that I wanted to share, but I only managed to save one item that made me chuckle. Here is an ad for a Chicago furniture store as it appeared in the Chicago Tribune:


That’s awesome, isn’t it? I haven’t talked about Gov. Blagojevich yet on the blog because I was afraid he would come after me with his magic hair brush.

Fundraiser Trial

Doesn’t he look like a gayer John Travolta?

I’m very excited about New Year’s Eve for the first time in nearly a decade. I can’t believe our country has something to look forward to. 2009 is gonna rock. We’re gonna end this idiotic, unjust war and we are gonna get the economy crawling back onto its feet. I’m psyched! I’m ready! I hope you are as enthusiastic as I am.

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6 thoughts on “Hi, I’m back! Let’s catch up.

  1. I remember seeing a bumper sticker a year or two ago that said, “No Merry Christmas, No Christmas Shopping.” Yep, lady, that’s what Christmas is all about.

    I heard on NPR last night that by electing Barack Obama, we’ve totally fucked up the psyche of the rest of the world. In just a few months, we’ve gone from being back-country cowboy hicks to being progressive and evolved. Apparently, the world is having trouble making that work in its mind.

    Oh, and… I’m listening to a new Grace Jones song right now.

    Good to have you back!

  2. Kevin Croitz on said:

    I’m looking forward to 2009 as well, but with a cautious optimism, we have a new pres but will he be able to get things done, we still have the same crappy congress, who have not accomplished much, but hopefully things will change. Wars are still being fought overseas and here, war over religions, war over land, war against drugs, wars against living how you want to live, and the poor and the middle class are getting squeezed and exploited over them, the fight to change this must still be fought. In 2009, I plan on painting more, writing more, traveling more, getting more economically sounder, and trying to bring some happiness into the world. Wish me luck and all of us luck.

  3. Yeah, well, you know… anything to stir up the shit!

  4. Ann Coulter is a douchebag. Thank God no one pays attention to her anymore.

  5. Is her jaw still wired shut? If it is, can we get a court order to keep it that way??

  6. I saw Ann Coulter pitching her new book on The Today Show. What an angry, confrontational, hateful person! Usually I find those qualities intriguing and exciting in women but she’s just so vile! Somebody must have done something really horrible to her as a child.

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