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Iraqi journalist attacks Bush with shoes

George W. Bush made a surprise trip to Iraq over the weekend and was greeted by at least one unhappy journalist who threw his shoes at the soon-to-be-gone U.S. president:

So much for security. It’s a good thing this happened so late in the game or I think journalists for several years now would be chucking their Weejuns at the president. That’s the Iraqi prime minister, by the way, helping to shield Bush.

Here is the Iraqi man in mid-toss:


The New York Times reports that the journalist, who lost several family members in the war, shouted, “This is the farewell kiss, you dog.”


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5 thoughts on “Iraqi journalist attacks Bush with shoes

  1. Kevin Croitz on said:

    Look out its their weapons of mass destruction with some heel lifts

  2. Too bad he missed.

  3. Don’t forget that Dana Perino, the Liars Club mouthpiece, got a black eye when a microphone hit her!

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  5. Kevin Croitz on said:

    What would have happened if a shoe had hit him in the head, would he have suppenly started speaking in a deep satorial voice, with just intelligent comments coming out, would he have become a peace loving Buddhist?

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