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Orson Welles’ last interview

My lady friend and I recently renewed our Netflix membership so, naturally, the first disc I ordered was The Merv Griffin Show: 40 Of The Most Interesting People Of Our Time.

Shortly before Merv died, he put together a three-disc collection of the interviews he found most fascinating from his show’s archives. The show went on the air in 1962 and entertained audiences until 1985, so you can imagine the array of stars Merv spoke to.

The interview I found most compelling is the following chat with famed director Orson Welles. Merv narrates before the footage begins, letting us know that Orson would unexpectedly stop by the studio from time to time and the two men would shoot the breeze. So, it was not out of the ordinary on this night in 1985 for Orson, age 70, to pull up a chair. What’s weird is that Orson, who appears lucid and fairly robust on the show, died two hours later.

Check it out when you have about 10 minutes:

Such a great guy. I’m sure those of you who remember all his Paul Masson wine commercials in the 1970s will have some joke about it being “his time.”

Let’s hear ’em. Or your thoughts in general about the great Mr. Welles.

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