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Why is Lisa Kudrow in a commercial?

WTF? I just saw Friends alum Lisa Kudrow in a commercial for a Nintendo gadget that helps you cook in the kitchen. Does Lisa need money? Weren’t the Friends making one mil an episode at the end of their NBC reign? Is she desperate for work? Are the critically acclaimed indie pictures not enough for her?

Here’s the commercial:

Ugh! It’s even worse because this King Pao chicken-cooking mommy taints the memory of daffy (but compassionate!) vegetarian Phoebe Buffay.

Why, Lisa, why?

Note to HBO: Bring back The Comeback so this woman can do meaningful work.

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4 thoughts on “Why is Lisa Kudrow in a commercial?

  1. Deb D. on said:

    We were wondering about that too. I made Courtney come into the living room and look, even.

    On the other hand, have you seen THIS?

  2. Wow, not even, not necessarily. Let her be

  3. lilkunta on said:

    I too wonder y is she doing this commercial.
    Does he have $ invested in the cooking game ?
    Surely she aint broke as she made $40mill from jsut the last 2 yrs of that overrated F show. & she has her $ from the previous 8yrs, pus residuals.

  4. Thalz on said:

    She probably just wanted to do an ad for fun. Also the little girl is Lisa’s niece.

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