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Celebrity cameos on ‘Pete & Pete’

This is awesome and I admit I lifted it right off Idolator and their people found it on the much-more-up-my-alley Gaytriarchy, a blog whose master is very nearly a genius. He’s made a delightful video of all the indie rock and hipster celebrity cameos on Nickelodeon’s brilliant The Advenutires of Pete & Pete. Look for Iggy Pop, Juliana Hatfield (as the Lunch Lady, remember?), Ann Magnuson, Debbie Harry, Janeane Garofalo and Patty Hearst, among others.

Big beautiful bonus points for those of you who can spot the rest:

So, who did you see?

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2 thoughts on “Celebrity cameos on ‘Pete & Pete’

  1. They totally left out LL Cool J.

    Syd Straw is one of my superheroes.

  2. this was my favorite show as a kid. wasn’t michael stipe the ice cream man in another episode as well?

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