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Kevin Costner in ‘JFK’: Say what?

Just because it is the 45th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination, that’s no reason to bombard me with a cable television reprisal of Kevin Costner‘s ridiculous “acting” in Oliver Stone’s lame JFK. Costner is supposed to be portraying Jim Garrison, the New Orleans District Attorney who begins an investigation of JFK’s assassination after receiving anonymous tips.


Is that a N’awlins accent? No, no, it’s not. Especially heinous is the court room scene where Costner’s character is describing at length what he believes happened the day of the shooting. All I can hear is some kind of goose honk, a relentless, monotone honk honk honk.

He’s a member of the Faux Twang Clan.

I actually turned off the movie because of him.

So much for box office appeal.

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3 thoughts on “Kevin Costner in ‘JFK’: Say what?

  1. He should just stick with making baseball movies. He’s very believable as a baseball player.

  2. David Levy on said:

    JFK was a great movie. The accent wasn’t the best, but most people outside of New Orleans don’t know the difference.

    PS – JFK’s worldwide box office total was $205m. Not bad going for a 3 hour film.

  3. Don’t get me wrong – I was entertained by the movie. But she’s right about Costner… the man doesn’t have any range.

    And, if you use box office to measure a movie’s “greatness”, then Titanic (at $600,788,188) is the greatest, most fabulous, ultimate movie of all time. 🙂

    Conversely, that’s like saying Waterworld ($88,246,220) is the worst movie ever made.

    Oh. Wait. Heh heh.

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