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Art Forum goes to Cindy Sherman’s opening

The Art Forum site features veteran art critic Linda Yablonsky‘s fun diary of her trips to New York art events and fetes, including Yablonsky’s own photos from the events.

These were my favorite pics, from the opening of photographer Cindy Sherman’s new show at Metro Pictures:


Yes, that’s David Byrne (Sherman’s beau) of Talking Heads with musician Jenni Muldaur, director John Waters, Cindy Sherman herself and producer Vincent Fremont.

I’ve seen one or two photographs from Cindy’s new show and they’re very interesting. Cindy, who is always her own subject, uses various wigs and costumes to create characters and commentary on our culture. This time she’s done up like aging starlets and wealthy women ala Joan Collins and Linda Evans on Dynasty. Here is one photo:

Yablonsky writes of the show:

Sherman’s life-size portraits of middle-aged women desperate to keep time from wreaking havoc with their faces capture the disparity between self-image and public image with chilling accuracy, and fearlessly enough to let herself show through. “Cindy’s social commentary is merciless,” observed the writer Lynne Tillman. “And beautiful.”

and later,

As for the show, it will either make plastic surgery extremely outré or cause a run on it. “It’s great to see Cindy’s pictures in the same room with some of her best subjects,” said director John Waters. “Especially since they seem to be the last to know it.

The show runs until December 23.

Any Cindy Sherman fans in the house?

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3 thoughts on “Art Forum goes to Cindy Sherman’s opening

  1. I love Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills series. I like to go through my book and imagine the various scenarios that illicited the non-reactions in the characters.

    I tried to get into a beginner’s digital photography class at New College (where it is notoriously and ridiculously difficult to get into art classes unless you are an art major, which is just fucked up for a liberal arts school but I digress) and on my application (yeah) under why I wanted to take the class, I put, “Because I want to be the next Cindy Sherman.”

    I didn’t get in.

  2. Neattgreali on said:

    I’m the only one in this world. Can please someone join me in this life? Or maybe death…

  3. zhuzhu on said:


    Nice to be registered on My little name is maxizhu 😉

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