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Stars With Shopping Carts!

We need to get in an pre-Thanksgiving “Stars With Shopping Carts.” This week’s theme: blondes. I was going to make it “dumb blondes,” but I don’t make those judgement calls.

How about this, I’ll show you the blonde and you tell me if she’s dumb or not? (Yes, I know we have repeat shoppers in this batch, but it’s a case of same star, different shopping day).

Ready? Here goes:

Jessica Simpson:


Mischa Barton:


Paris Hilton (no cart, but I had to put her in this category):


Lindsay Lohan:


Hayden Panettierre:


Okay, give me your votes!

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One thought on “Stars With Shopping Carts!

  1. All but Hayden are dumb for not bringing reusable shopping bags in with them!!! Just my opinion.

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