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Last book read: Lynda Barry’s ‘Cruddy’

Have any of you ever read Cruddy, the illustrated novel by cartoonist-author Lynda Barry? Wow, that is a dark book.


How long is it going to haunt me?

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4 thoughts on “Last book read: Lynda Barry’s ‘Cruddy’

  1. It will haunt you forever. I’ve read it a couple times just to make sure that it was really that depressing, and it is.

  2. i love cruddy…and love love love lynda barry. the freddy stories breaks my heart!

  3. Oh my God, The Freddy Stories is DEVASTATING. That’s the only one of her books I can’t get all the way through; it’s just so sad. The last one killed me.

  4. …i know! and i love on the back when marlys describes the book (gotta LUV marlys), and she says, “so, um, if a very realistic story about an unusual boy could make you nervous, you should probably not read this. but if you don’t mind unusual children, i think you will like my brother, who to me, is the best brother of all time!”

    but for a good laugh, The! Greatest! Of! Marlys! can’t be beat!

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