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So, is Hillary the Secretary of State or what?

The internets were abuzz yesterday with the news that President-elect Barack Obama has asked Hillary Clinton, his former opponent in the Democratic primary, to be the Secretary of State in his cabinet.


The position is an important one. Our Secretary of State is the person in charge of foreign relations, representing the United States in international meetings. I can’t think of a time in history that this position mattered more than it does right now.

And remember, the first guy in the White House to appoint a woman as Secretary of State was Hillary’s hubby, Bill Clinton, when he chose the great Madeline Albright in 1996.

If Obama has really offered Hillary the position –and if she accepts — he is creating a White House full of leaders. It’s either going to be the most amazing thing we’ve ever lived through, or a total disaster.

Either way, I’m crossing my fingers for this.

What’s your opinion? I know you’ve got one, because Hillary – like all powerful women – has a tendency to divide people.

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4 thoughts on “So, is Hillary the Secretary of State or what?

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  2. “powerful women… divide people.” Now them’s fightin’ words!

  3. For some reason, I’m not feeling it. It seems to me that there’s a better choice out there, but I don’t have a clue who that would be.

    Maybe he can get Madeline Albright to come back. 😉

    Did you see his choice today for Director of OMB? So far, I’ve been pretty pleased with his choices.

    And, it will be nice to have leaders in the Cabinet again. For the past 8 years, the Secretaries were just figureheads, with all policy coming from the White House.

  4. So much for my “intuition”. lol

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