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Mitch Mitchell drumming in heaven now

Mitch Mitchell, one of my favorite rock ‘n’ roll drummers, died a few days ago while I was away from the computer. Mitch was 62 and on tour playing the drums when his body was found in a hotel room in Oregon.


I won’t write a lengthy blog post, but I just want to say goodbye to Mitch and thanks for the crazy hot beats on all those Jimi Hendrix Experience records, particularly “Fire.”

Are all the best drummers in heaven now? Discuss.

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One thought on “Mitch Mitchell drumming in heaven now

  1. Kevin Croitz on said:

    Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Keith Moon, and now Mitch so many drummers, but ole Charlie Watts is still doing his thing, back in the day I used to jam playin guitar with this big Greek drummer in a three bedroom apartment in Clearwater, we woke up all the neighbors. I need to get some Tom Tom’s.

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