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Heading to North Carolina tomorrow

So, you kids are on your own again. Mama’s got more traveling to do. My lady friend and I have secured an Avis rental car and we’re trekking on down to North Carolina early tomorrow morning.


My lady friend’s brother is a U.S. Marine and lives on a base in Havelock. I’ve been there once before and we spent a lot of time at the Wal-Mart — and yes, it was painful for me and my lady friend, being all eco-warrior-anti-corportate-vegan-recycle-people. But guess what? Wal-Mart has cheap ass organic food. There’s a novel idea: give broke people, too, the opportunity to make healthy and ethical choices!

I’ll be back and blogging soon, maybe over the weekend if something noteworthy happens.

Be good. Don’t play with the stove.


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One thought on “Heading to North Carolina tomorrow

  1. Kevin Croitz on said:

    If youre driving through Raleigh check out the North Carolina Museum of Art they have Monets and a Pissarro there, lots of nice art, Kevin

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