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‘Change has come’? Not for all of us

Last night, all the newscasters and Barack Obama himself kept saying change has come to the United States. I went to sleep very excited. But, then I woke up and read that same-sex marriage bans were passed in Florida and Arizona, which is pathetic enough, but it’s looking like Proposition 8 in California will pass, too, which will end the law the state ALREADY HAS IN PLACE allowing gay marriage.


Change has come. For some.

They always say the last group you are still allowed to openly hate in this country are gays and lesbians. I’m so sad when I see it confirmed. I understood it in some of the more conservative states.

But, in liberal California?

Is America really so afraid of gay people?

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5 thoughts on “‘Change has come’? Not for all of us

  1. William on said:

    Sad, but the US is quite conservative so maybe not so surprising. You should come to Europe. =)

  2. Kevin Croitz on said:

    Everyone should be allowed to love everyone, us straights havent done so good with the marriage thing. I cant understand why some people think Gay people, shouldnt be allowed to live together in peace and love, it just baffles the mind. Eventually marriage for everyone will pass, hopefully now that Obama is Pres, things will get less stuffy around here, Kevin

  3. California is not liberal outside the Bay area and Los Angeles. It’s actually very scarily conservative.

  4. stetson23 on said:

    More and more I begin to think that this is just going to be one of those issues where we have to wait for the older generation to just die.

  5. stetson – i’ve been saying that too, especially after looking at the voting demographics. either we wait for them to die, or we lock everyone over 29 in the basement the next time there’s a vote.

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