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Once and for all, Hitler was NOT a vegetarian

People love teasing me with the idea that history’s worst person and the murderer of 6-million Jews, Adolf Hitler, was a vegetarian.

I don’t know where this rumor started, but it positively not true. Here’s The Guardian’s recent piece about Hitler’s favorite foods – and the last time I checked squab, trout, and liver did not grow on trees.

On the other hand, here’s someone in history who, evidence suggests may have been a vegetarian: Jesus Christ. Wow, just think, if Jesus was a vegetarian, he’s probably heartbroken at how the world treats animals.

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8 thoughts on “Once and for all, Hitler was NOT a vegetarian

  1. This is so funny! Did you also know that a prestdent (Dont know witch) drank alot? Cool hu?

  2. You know what’s funny? You’re the vegetarian, and you make yourself out to be a complete elitist. Normally, it’s more so the meat eaters who are elitists.
    Also another funny thing is that most vegetarians approve of other animals eating other animals. But if it’s a human, that makes him a monster.
    We have a choice between meat and other food, but actually choosing an option you don’t choose? That’s not OK with you, is it?

  3. Stacy on said:

    you need to calm down bud!

  4. i know for sure that Adolf Hitler WASNT a vegetarian but how do we know Jesus wasnt a vegetarian?

  5. Avid Historian Xai on said:

    Hitler may have eaten some meats (he avoided it most of the time because he got gassy if he ate it and he loved vegetarian cuisine), but the man second to Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, who actually planned the Holocaust and opened the first official concentration camp, really was a vegetarian, and tried to be vegan. He was worse than Hitler in the sense that the Holocaust was HIS idea. Hitler just wanted to deport the Jews and other “undesirables” to Madagascar. I have my sources, feel free to ask for them.

    He also said that all living things had the right to live. As far as I’m concerned, you vegetarians are elitist hypocrites. Get off your high horse and have a cheeseburger.

  6. Kathryn Carlson on said:

    YES HE WAS A VEGETERIAN!!!!! MEAT REMINDED HIM OF HIS LOVE, GELI’S CORPSE SO HE NEVER ATE MEAT TO THAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! every book ive read says that!!! so ha!! youre wrong!! get some!!

  7. Joeseph on said:

    you all need to stfu because noone really cares..hitler was a goof and it’s not important whether he was a vegitarian or not! the real issuse is based on what he did to millions of why dont you comment on something worth the while other than this.. thanks!

  8. Corinna on said:

    I agree with Kathryn. Hitler was definitely a vegetarian. Though this fact does not correlate to the destruction of millions during the holocaust.

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