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Emily Dickinson’s response to war

When I visited the Emily Dickinson Museum in Amherst, Ma., this past weekend, our tour guide handed us each a copy of one of Emily’s poems, written in 1863 in response to the Civil War. I think the poem is very timely and I wanted to share it with you:

They dropped like Flakes –
They dropped like stars –
Like Petals from a Rose –
When suddenly across the June
A Wind with fingers – goes –

They perished in the seamless Grass –
No eye could find the place –
But God can summon every face
On his Repealless – List.


Powerful stuff. Any thoughts? Maybe you’ve got a favorite protest poem?

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3 thoughts on “Emily Dickinson’s response to war

  1. Kevin Croitz on said:

    I stood behind the stone wall under Marye’s Heights on the Fredericksburg battlefield, where the confederates mowed down the union soldiers, who launched wave after wave of young men to attack those heights. They crossed the Rappahanock over pontoon bridges, singing as they marched, up the wide open field, trying to get past that stonewall to breakthrough the rebel lines. The rebels were so moved by the union soldiers bravery that they cheered them and tryed to yell at them to turn back but they kept coming and dying. It was a very heavy feeling standing there where so many spirits left the earth at once, the place is very serene now the field is a lot smaller now with the town having grown since then, there were brightly colored autumn trees there sheading their leaves it seemed as if the trees were weeping in multicolor hues, a very touching scene. Kevin

  2. soulintention on said:

    thank you for sharing, thank Emily for writing – war serves no purpose – may our boys come home soon —

  3. Kevin Croitz on said:

    I have a nephew over there in Iraq and I worry about him, hell he cant even drive a car correctly, and he’s handling a morter, still he has all that video game experience. We need to end the iraq war, make peace in that region, back governments over there that want to help their people, and then maybe people over there will stop hating us, the war is costing us too dearly, Kevin

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