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Morrissey is writing an autobiography!

Okay, mopey* Moz fans, here’s some good news: According to the NME, former Smiths frontman and bona fide solo sensation Morrissey is penning a “tell-all” autobiography.

I put tell-all in quotes because Morrissey is famously private about his love life. The book, he told a BBC 2 radio host, will focus on his music career:

“So much crap is written about me, it’s hard to live with sometimes. It all gets burned down in history and becomes a part of your legacy.”

I know you Moz fantatics are already investigating ways of pre-ordering the Morrissey memoirs. Let me hear from some of you. Who’s excited?

I’ll read the book. I owe a great debt to Morrissey; it was his song “Meat Is Murder” back in 1985 that made me go vegetarian.

(* Are Morrissey fans still mopey? Back in the days of the Smiths, the fans wore black and pouted. But, his music is so different now. Fill me in).

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2 thoughts on “Morrissey is writing an autobiography!

  1. Kevin Croitz on said:

    Jaded maybe, mopey sometimes, thats why I listen to Van Morrison to be happy and Morrissey to be blue, and everyone should too (a little poem from Kevin)

  2. I know I’m personally not too mopey, and I’ve been a fan ever since 6th grade. The music really isn’t that depressing…. not as much as say, The Cure.


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