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Attention Maya Rudolph fans

If you’ve been watching Saturday Night Live for years, as I have, you know not many cast members match the comic genius that is Maya Rudolph. So, here’s a bit of gossip I just heard: Ms. Rudolph is making a special appearance on SNL this Saturday night.

Looks like Maya has been rehearsing to play Michelle Obama. This is great news, but it’s also very telling in two ways. (1) Didn’t last night’s special Thursday version of SNL bring back old cast members, too? Not just Tina Fey-as-Sarah Palin, but Will Ferrell, too. It’s not saying much for the current cast members, none of whom make me laugh – with the obvious exception of zany Kristen Wiig.

Is Lorne Michaels panicking? Maybe SNL should have a reality series where American can pick the cast members. We can’t do worse than his people do.

And, number (2) Maybe have more than one woman of color involved with SNL so you don’t have to keep tracking down Maya to play every black woman that’s ever been in the news.

Your thoughts?

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